Independent Study Program


Program Description

Located across from the campus of San Diego City College, the ORACLE Independent Study Program at Garfield High School is an alternative to traditional schools. Students may be referred to the ORACLE Program when their schools no longer fit their individual needs. Independent Study is a learning strategy with a number of high school students. Students work independently at their own pace. Students who are behind in credits have the opportunity to work at a faster pace to catch up with their classmates. Students are expected to fulfill the same requirements as they would in traditional school but have the opportunity to get individual help when needed to enable the students to reach their diverse educational goals.


Appropriate Placement

ORACLE may be an educational alternative for the following students:

  • Students in grades 9 through 12 who live within the San Diego Unified School District boundaries. 
  • Students who are self-motivated and who work well independently. 
  • Students who are credit deficient.
  • Students who can attend school at least 3 times per week.
  • Students whose parents or guardians can monitor their progress at home.


Students who are currently enrolled in school should speak to their counselor to determine if the ORACLE Independent Study Program is an appropriate placement. Parent permission is required. Students who are not currently enrolled in school need to obtain a copy of their latest transcript and bring it to the ORACLE office for evaluation.


 For more information on the ORACLE program, please contact Deborah White, Intake/Counselor at (619) 362-4500 Ext. 3059 or at email address: [email protected]

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